ghost protocol premiere 19th december 2011


"i couldn’t take my eyes off the movie [Hurt Locker] and him and i just thought he would be perfect for hansel.  i didn’t want a clean action star because even though it’s an action movie i really wanted to sell the fact that these guys have a really dark past. and with jeremy he kind of has that naturally. he’s a great leading guy and he can carry an action movie but he also got this darkness to him, you kind of feel like he, yeah, that unpredictability that i love with him"

tommy wirkola - on casting jeremy for hansel and gretel: witchhunters


Jeremy Renner role appreciation - captured in gifs

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters


concert for nyc 30th september 2011


get to know me meme | 4/10 celebrity crushes

jeremy renner — “I guess I just have one of those resting faces that makes me look like I want to beat you up.

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